Leonardo prize regulations

Art. 1

The Leonardo Committee (Italian Quality Committee) has established the Leonardo Prize which is awarded each year to a leading figure – from Italy or overseas – who has made a significant contribution to the prestige of Italy’s image around the world.

Art. 2

The Leonardo Prize is awarded on the basis of the outcome of the votes cast by the panel of judges regarding the candidacies submitted by the Executive Board. The Executive Board selects the candidates on the basis of these criteria:

i) having demonstrated the capacity to achieve top-quality results in one’s own entrepreneurial, scientific, cultural or artistic activity;

ii) having achieved the highest level of international renown as the result of a course of action marked by excellence in one’s own field of activity;

having carried out a highly effective action to spread manifestations of Italian creativity and entrepreneurial spirit overseas.

Art. 3

The Leonardo Prize panel of judges consists of Members, editors in chief of renowned newspapers and magazines, and the managers of the main radio and television broadcasters. The composition of the panel of judges is ratified or modified by the Executive Board of the Leonardo Committee.

Art. 4

The procedure is the following:

A) Each year the Chairman of the Committee sends a personal letter to the members of the panel of judges in order to present the objectives of the Leonardo Prize, and request notification of the candidacies.

B) In order to validate the votes cast, the ballot papers are sent back to the General Secretariat of the Leonardo Committee within the specified period. The General Secretariat counts the votes and prepares a related report. The outcome of the vote counting is secret. The report prepared by the General Secretariat may be consulted, on request, exclusively by the members of the Executive Board.

C) Once the votes have been counted, the Executive Board meets to verify the accuracy of the outcome of the voting.

D) If the list of candidates notified by the Executive Board includes the name of one of its members, this person should withdraw from the Board’s deliberations for obvious reasons of fairness.

E) The choice of the winner is irrevocably decided on by the Executive Board. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the Board has a casting vote.

F) The candidate that has been approved by the Executive Board is declared winner of the Prize.

Art. 5

The Prize must be collected by the winner in person.

Art. 6

The name of the winner is withheld until the day of the award ceremony at the Quirinal Palace.

Last version – Rome, 8 November 2012



The members of the panel of judges, who are asked to state their preferences, include:

– Members of the Leonardo Committee – Members of the Appointments Committee – General Manager of RAI – Chairman of Mediaset – Editor in Chief of LA7- Editor in Chief of Sky News – Editor in Chief of Class CNBC

– Editors in Chief: Il Corriere della Sera, Il Foglio, Il Gazzettino, Il Giornale, Il Giorno, Il Manifesto, Il Mattino, Il Messaggero, Il Piccolo, QN, Il Riformista, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Tempo, Italia Oggi, L’Avvenire, La Gazzetta del Sud, La Nazione, La Repubblica, La Stampa, L’Unità, Libero, Milano Finanza

– Editors in Chief: Affari e Finanza,Capital, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Il Mondo, L’Espresso, Panorama, Vanity Fair.