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CEO Antonio Baldaccini

Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A., headquarters of UmbraGroup, was born in 1972.

The company is world leader in the production of aerospace ballscrews. In addition, it manufactures high-tech solutions in the industrial and energy markets offering a wide ragne of ballscrews, bearings and electromechanical actuators.

Today UmbraGroup is an international brand comprised of several manufacturing facilities located in Italy, Germany and the United States.

The Group has about 1.000 employees, with close to 168 million in sales.

R&D services play a major role in producing the highest quality products and establishing deep relationships with customers and universities. We also have a research center dedicated to high performance motors. Umbra focuses on generating sustainable profits and respecting employees.

Our strong customer orientation and continuous improvement of production processes are always based on the knowledge that the person is at the center of all work. Our corporate culture is based on strong values which are expressed by the acronym “FIRST”: Focus on customer, Innovation, Respect, Social Responsibility, Teamwork.


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