Internationalisation and export: Made in Italy looks towards South-East Asia

Press releases   17 April 2013

Leonardo Committee senior managers meet the ambassadors of ASEAN countries at the Malaysian Embassy in Rome

Rome, 17 April 2013 – Italian companies’ growing interest in the opportunities offered by South-East Asian markets was reaffirmed today by the Chair of the Leonardo Committee, Luisa Todini, at an official meeting with the ambassadors of ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) countries held at the Malaysian Embassy in Rome.

“South-East Asian nations, which have undergone remarkable industrial and economic development in recent years, are increasingly attractive markets for Italian companies,” Luisa Todini pointed out. “In the last ten years, trading relations between Italy and the ten ASEAN countries have expanded by around 80% to reach €13 billion,” she went on. “In 2012, Italian exports to these countries registered phenomenal growth of 18.5%, for a total of €6.6 billion, but there’s still ample room for further expansion. Indeed, Italian industry has advanced know-how in sectors that are vital for the future growth and integration of the ASEAN countries, such as mechanical engineering, automation, renewable energy and infrastructure.”

The Leonardo Committee, which brings together 150 Made in Italy companies, took part in this meeting within the scope of the activities it carries out to promote and strengthen international relations. The ASEAN region’s interest has also been confirmed by the upcoming mission to Indonesia by the Ministry of Economic Development, Confindustria and the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE), scheduled from 6 to 8 May.

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