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Gruppo Pelliconi

CEO Marco Checchi

Founded in Bologna (Italy) in 1939 as “Ditta Angelo Pelliconi” (DAP), specialized in the production of crown corks, Pelliconi is a world leader in the field of metal, and plastic closures for the food&beverage industry.

Pelliconi is continuously expanding its business. Today it has six production plants spread over 4 continents: two in Italy, in Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna) and in Atessa (Chieti); one in Cairo (Egypt); one in the United States, in Orlando (Florida); two in China, in Suzhou and the most recent site inaugurated in July 2021 in the national high-tech district of Changzhou (CND). In addition, there are also five international commercial branches, thanks to which Pelliconi has created a vast sales and distribution network allowing the group to become one of the largest producers and exporters of closures globally.

Pelliconi currently has an annual production of over 30 billion caps and employs almost 600 people worldwide, with total revenue of about 190 million euros. Thanks to relentless investment program, the trust and support of its customers, the Group has continuously grown over the past ten years. In the near future, the Group will continue to consolidate its presence in Europe, and a further expansion towards the new strategic East markets is foreseen, as well as the development of new products in related sectors such as digital innovation.

With creativity, competence, and team spirit Pelliconi is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. The passion for innovation and quality, customer orientation and strong sensitivity towards the issues of food safety and environmental protection are the main ingredients of its success.

Finally, Pelliconi is an ethical company, which takes care of the health and the wellbeing of its employees and of the inhabitants of the territories in which it operates and devolves every year part of its earnings in favor of scientific research and for the support of social, cultural, and artistic activities, and sports with the aim of redistributing wealth, with a view to reciprocity towards the whole community.