Tan Xuguang

Honorary members

Chairman Weichai Group and Ferretti Group

Tan Xuguang was born in 1961 in Weifang in the Shandong province. He is a Chinese Entrepreneur. Having obtained the doctorate of engineering at Tianjin University he become senior economist. He is president of Weichai Group and Weichai Power and serves as party secretary and president of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. He is Chairman of various entrepreneurial associations such as the Enterprise Confederation, the China Entrepreneur Association and the China Automotive Industry Association. He has been successively awarded with the “National Labor Day Medal”, the “National Innovative Entrepreneur Award” and other honorary titles. Under Mr. Tan’s leadership, Weichai Group has achieved, starting from 2009, global expansion with the acquisition of Baudouin in France, KION and Linde Hydraulics in Germany, as well as Dematic and PSI in the USA, Ceres in the UK and Ballard in Canada. In 2017, the total revenue of Weichai Group amounted to 28 billion euros. In particular, in virtue of Tan Xuguang’s vision, the Weichai Group has successfully completed the acquisition of the Ferretti Group with a total investment of 400 million euro. Thanks to the innovation in terms of both management and technology and of the internationalization strategy promoted vigorously by the Weichai Group, the Ferretti Group returned to profit in 2017, with revenues of over 700 million euro in 2018.