Brunello Cucinelli promoter of sustainability at the G20 in Rome

News eng   08 November 2021

Brunello Cucinelli, Umbrian entrepreneur and designer and founder of the Italian fashion house of the same name in Solomeo, once again expressed his ideals of sustainability and economic ethics at the opening of the second day of the G20 in Rome. In the Side Event focused on the theme of public-private collaboration in the context of the climate emergency, the entrepreneur invited the world’s leaders to embrace a more sustainable and humane model of economy and society, which he calls “Humanistic Capitalism“, given by the integration of social and environmental issues into production processes. In addressing his request on behalf of the whole of Humanity, Cucinelli brought his own testimony in honor of the issues, to which he has always dedicated his life and work, and explained: “Our industry is located in Solomeo, a small medieval village dating back to the 14th century, near Assisi. We work in old factories built in the past century, some restored and embellished to make them current, others have been demolished and the land has returned to be used for agriculture, especially vineyards, olive groves, orchards and wheat so, finally, we can say that we have not consumed our beloved land.”

Despite the difficult period due to the pandemic, the Umbrian entrepreneur, hopeful and with good intentions, appeals to all generations for an economic rebirth under the banner of respect and balance of nature.