Leonardo Committee’s 2013 Graduation Awards. Talent and Commitment are the real winners

News eng   21 February 2014

Rome, 20 February 2014 – The Italian Quality Day also celebrated the talent of 20 brilliant recent graduates awarded the Comitato Leonardo Graduate Awards thanks to the support from nine Comitato Leonardo’s Members. The winners were awarded at the Quirinal Palace by the President of the Republic of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, in the presence of the Chairman of Comitato Leonardo, Luisa Todini, the Vice Minister for Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, del Vice Chairman of Confindustria, Diana Bracco, the President of the Italian Trade Agency, Riccardo M. Monti, along with prominent entrepreneurs and culture advocates.

At a time when the economic crisis seems to be putting training and research at risk, the Members of the Leonardo Committee demonstrate to firmly believe and to invest in the ideas and projects of the new generations. A constant commitment that  since 1997, has honoured and supported more than 200 young graduates from all over Italy.

 The winners of the nine competitions were awarded a prize of €3,000 each.

 2013 Winners

“Alfredo Canessa” Florence Centre for Italian Fashion Award: “Fashion and Made in Italy”

FAUSTO BAFICO: “Made in Italy clothing in Russia: decisive factors for success and growth prospects”. Catholic University of Milan


Il Tarì S.C.P.A. Jewellery Centre Award: “Il Tarì: craft tradition and new competitive models for Italian jewellery”

LINDA GAMBERO: “Biomechanical Design. An example of technologytransfer from the biomedical sector to industrialdesign: sintering of titanium powder with anelectron beam for jewellery applications”. Second University of Naples


Clementino Bonfiglioli – Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. Award: “Development of mechatronic solutions for power transmission in industrial operations”

TOMAS PRADELLA: “Study of the criteria for reducing torque oscillationsin fractional-slot synchronous reluctancemotors”. University of Padova


Corneliani S.p.A. Award: “As in the Renaissance period, today we have two great revolutions: 1) technological: yesterday the invention of printing, today the internet; 2) psychological: yesterday humanism, today the idea of global awareness, sustainability and a better world. What stance should we take in the face of this revival, which actions should companies undertake and which marketing and communication tools can they take advantage of to prosper and compete in a global market characterised by emerging economies and globalisation that is shifting from unipolarism to multipolarism?”

ANTONELLA ROMANO: “The green economy and sustainability: the communication strategies of sustainable companies”. University Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples


“Linda Cena” Bracco Foundation Award: “New public-private collaboration models for the enhancement of cultural heritage”

ERIKA PORTO: “Museum systems as a new management model” . University of Milan


Manlio Masi Foundation Award: “The internationalisation and competitiveness of “Made in Italy” in the new global economic scenario”

LAVINIA STOPPANI: “Internationalisation strategies for Italian companies – the role of contracts and productivity”. University of Rome “La Sapienza”


Gestore Servizi Energetici − G.S.E. Awards: “The scientific and technological development of renewable sources of energy in Italy”

SARA BARONETTO & GIANLUCA SERALE: “Innovative solar heating systems: simulation models and parametric analyses” . Polytecnic University of Turin

FEDERICO DE BOSIO: “Thermoeconomic analysis of a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) integrated with a wind power plant in the framework of the IPEX Market”. Polytecnic University of Turin


Perini Navi S.p.A. Awards: “Preliminary design for a slow cruising boat, over 40 metres long, with zero-emission electric power systems and innovative ergonomic solutions for onboard comfort.”

EARTH Group – Marco Giorgi, Michele Menichelli, Ney Roosvelt Arias, Filippo Vicentini, Vito Zaccaro. University of Genova – La Spezia

VOLTA 55 Group – Gianluca Bina, Romano Brussolo, Andrea Leoncini, Mirko Oprandi, Carlo Rotunno. University of Genova


SIMEST S.p.A. Award: “Italian companies and international markets. Funding the ‘Italian Industry’ to develop competitiveness”

FLAMINIA POCHETTI: “Global value chains and acquisition of intermediate inputs: an econometric analysis for Italy and Germany”. Third University of Rome