Damiani Group and HRD Antwerp signed an International commercial partnership at Expo Milan

News eng   15 June 2015

Damiani group and HRD Antwerp have strengthened their co-operation internationally with the signature of a commercial partnership agreement. The agreement was signed in the Belgian Hall at Expo Milan by Guido Damiani, Chairman of the Damiani group, before Geert Bourgeois, Minister of the Belgian Governement.

The agreement between the Damiani group, the Italian jewelry excellence founded in 1924, and HRD Antwerp, leading European authority in diamond certification for more than 40 years and the first to have a Diamond Lab complying with the International Diamond Council regulations, is based on shared values – quality control, the importance of tradition, expertise and craftsmanship associated with creativity and innovation.

Guido Damiani said, “It’s an important time, when a co-operation already started successfully with HDR Antwerp is consolidated. Everything to date has only been the start of a profitable path; we’re examining new projects together to develop the international diamond market.

Our group is not only leader in diamond jewelry but also gives every woman dreams that become reality through the personalized creation of literally unique solitaires. Every item is etched with the Damiani logo and the international certificate number, reproduced on the girdle of the diamond and the shank of the solitaire to further strengthen the guarantee of quality. The quality is maintained over time through the Damiani service for the replacement of the solitaire with another of higher value – we therefore credit the price paid for the first purchase totally. We shouldn’t forget another very important free service – insurance, which provides for the lifetime replacement of the solitaire in the event of bag-snatch and robbery. This signature represents another step for Italy towards the world.”

Last February, some authorized brand resellers of the Damiani group were invited to Antwerp for a ‘VIP diamond tour’, a guided tour of the diamond laboratory, followed by an award ceremony at the Antwerp Town Hall where the jewelers received the title of ‘Diamond Ambassador’ for Antwerp and HRD Antwerp.

The Salvini ‘  Antwerp  ’ collection, the first joint production of the two companies, was also presented on this occasion.