Elisabetta Fabri Oscar Farinetti

Eataly and Starhotels launch a partnership based on ‘Made in Italy’ Excellence

News eng   30 January 2015

Eataly and Starhotels joined forces to offer guests the chance to experience the best of Italian food, wine and hotel accommodation all under one roof.  The Italian hotel chain, headed by Elisabetta Fabri, and the largest food & wine centre in the world founded by Oscar Farinetti, have announced a partnership aimed at boosting the value and excellence of Italian character in Italy and all over the world.  For Starhotels this partnership – through which Eataly is committed for three years to having the hotel chain as sole partner in the world of hôtellerie – matches its intention to further enhance the food and wine offer of its hotels in terms of quality, variety, local identity and uniqueness.


Hence, it has decided to join forces with Oscar Farinetti, an entrepreneur who is fully conscious of the value of ‘Made in Italy’ round the world, and who shares with Starhotels a conscious pride in improving the essence of Italian character.

“Starhotels has always been committed to communicating the secret pleasure of Italian lifestyle to its guests. Italian food and wine culture is at the core of this lifestyle and this is why we are proud to announce the partnership with Eataly, which enhances our valuable and unique brand and represents the natural finishing touch to Starhotels’ philosophy: ‘L’Italia nel cuore’ (Italy in our heart),” explained Elisabetta Fabri, President and CEO of Starhotels.

Guests will be able to enjoy the combined excellence of Eataly-brand food and Starhotels hospitality at the Rosa Grand Hotel in Milan, with other hotels in the chain to follow shortly.

“The Rosa Grand in Milan will be the first structure to offer this fusion of excellence. This decision has also been nurtured by the desire to propose to EXPO 2015 visitors the best possible experience of the inimitable Italian lifestyle, elegance and exceptional attention to detail,” concluded Elisabetta Fabri.

The agreement, which marks the official entry of Eataly into the hotel world, schedules the creation of special menus in the Starhotels structures as well as events and collaborations with local top chefs, as well as the consultancy and support of the food and wine partner in the selection of products and raw materials.

“The Starhotels are extremely fine hotels. It is a genuine pleasure staying in them: wonderful staff, very attractive and comfortable rooms and communal areas. There’s a shared mission and vision with Eataly: making people feel good. Like Eataly, Starhotels is not a chain. The numerous hotels are more like siblings: they are part of the same family and they share the same essential values, but each has its own specific character and personality. I’m certain that our partnership will bring about another leap forward in the quality of the offer,” remarked Oscar Farinetti, Founder and President of Eataly.

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