Giorgio Armani’s 40 years of excellence and innovation: a Museum and a stamp

News eng   12 June 2015

Leonardo Prize winner and Official Ambassador of Expo 2015, Giorgio Armani continues to disseminate the prestige and elegance of Made in Italy in the world.

To celebrate Giorgio Armani’s 40 years of excellence and innovation in fashion, Italy’s Minister of Economic Development has released a stamp which will belong to a exclusive philatelic collection aimed to celebrate the excellences of the Italian Industry.

The outline of the black stamp is a sketch by Giorgio Armany. The sketch is the logo of the Armani/Silos, a space recently opened in Milan. Silos narrates the successful career of Giorgio Armani through his unique creations. If you visit Milan, you cannot miss Silos.


To Discover Armani Silos go to

Address via Bergognone, 40

Milan, Italy


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