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The Trevi Group for the Rosetta Mission

News eng   11 February 2015

The Trevi Group launched in space the best of the Italian expertise in the field of geotechnical engineering through the implementation of the Rosetta Project. The “Rosetta Mission”, which was promoted by the “European Space Agency”, aims at sampling the nucleus of a comet and take some samples from the planet Mars through a unique core drill. The company Rodio, a well established Italian company which belongs to the Trevi Group, contributed to the design of a special drill rig which will allows Rosetta to drill the surface of the Planet and collect some samples of its rocks. The project highlights the technical level achieved by the Italian Group in the field of foundation engineering.

The collaboration of Rodio with the Polytechnic University of Milan, the Italian Tacnospazio  and the ESA Agency started in the 90’s when the Rosetta Project was still at its early stages. The Project represents the level of excellence and expertise that the Trevi Group has reached in the field of geognostic investigation and geotechnical engineering.

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