2017 – Toshiaki Higashihara

Leonardo International Prize Winners  

Chariman & CEO Hitachi ltd

A Japanese Businessman, Mr. Higashihara is President & CEO of Hitachi, Ltd. since April 2016. He was appointed the President & COO in April 2014 to pursue continuous growth in the global market focusing on the Social Innovation Business which is aimed at creating smart social infrastructures based on control and information technologies. Mr. Higashihara started his career with Hitachi in April 1977 as an engineer in computer system design at Omika Works in Hitachi City, a home town of Hitachi Group. He has held numerous senior positions in the field of Information and Control systems as well as Power systems. In 2007, he was appointed Vice President, Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Hitachi’s Power System Group. In 2008, he moved to Germany to become the President of Hitachi Power Europe. In 2010, he was appointed President and Representative Director of Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. In 2011, he was appointed Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi. Mr. Higashihara graduated in Faculty engineering at Tokushima University in 1977. He also obtained the Master of Science in Computer Science at Boston University in 1990. In 2015, under the leadership of Mr. Higashihara, Hitachi completed the acquisition of Ansaldo Breda and purchased major share capitals of Ansaldo STS. With these acquisitions, Hitachi will strengthen its position in signaling and traffic management systems for railway, and expand turnkey operations and enlarge its portfolio with world-class products. The combination of Alsaldo and Hitachi’s complementary portfolios will also deliver a unique opportunity to pursue untapped growth potential in new markets. In this circumstances, Ansaldo STS and Hitachi Rail Italy is playing key role in the future development of Hitachi rail Business worldwide. Mr. Higashihara has committed to build the sustainable social system and create values enhancing quality of life. His contributions to strengthen economic and commercial relations between Italy and Japan, are representing one of the best role models of how foreign investors can accelerate Italian companies innovation. Hitachi is a reliable and innovative partner to solve social challenges through its competitive solutions and services.




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