Leonardo Start Up Special prize

The Leonardo Committee (Italian Quality Committee), in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE), has decided to promote a Special Start-up Prize, to be added to the other honours already awarded by the Leonardo Committee: the Leonardo Prize, the Leonardo Italian Quality Prizes, the International Leonardo Prize and the Career Prize.

The prize will be awarded to an innovative Italian start-up that has made an outstanding contribution in these areas: (a) innovation, in the sense of advancement of knowledge; (b) success, qualified in terms of rapid company growth and positive repercussions on the rest of the production system; (c) internationalisation, measured by its capacity to reach out and offer its products or services in overseas markets; (d) employment, especially of young people; and (e) social impact, namely its contribution to solving citizens’ problems.

The final choice, to be made by the Leonardo Committee (Italian Quality Committee), the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE), will opt for the most outstanding start-up in terms of innovation, contribution to improving Italy’s image around the world, and inspiration and witness for future generations.

The prize will be awarded by the President of the Republic on the occasion of the Italian Quality Day.

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