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Nonino Distillatori

Chief Executive Officer Giannola Nonino

The Nonino Family has devoted itself to the art of distillation since 1897.

Respecting this tradition, Giannola and Benito Nonino with their daughters Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta:

1st December 1973 They revolutionize the way of producing and introducing grappa in Italy and throughout the world. They create the single varietal grappa, Monovitigno® Nonino, distilling the pomace of Picolit grapes separately and turning Grappa from Cinderella into a Queen of distillates!


29th November 1975 They create the Nonino Risit d’Aur Prize (Gold vineshoot) with the aim of saving the ancient autochthonous Friulian vines which are dying out and obtaining the EC authorization to replant Schioppettino, Pignolo, Ribolla Gialla and Tazzelenghe vines in order to preserve the biodiversity of the territory.


30 th June 1977 They create the Nonino Literary Prize, which in 1984 will be completed by with  he International section.


27th November 1984 Benito and Giannola Nonino create the Grape Distillate: ÙE®. The Ministerial authorization for the production of the Grape Distillate (D.M. 20.10.84) is granted following a specific request by the Noninos!


4 th December 2003 The President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, awards Giannola and Benito Nonino the prestigious LEONARDO PRIZE FOR ITALIAN QUALITY for the  absolute Quality, Research and Innovation… The Noninos are considered the true Ambassadors of Italian Grappa throughout the World”.


6 th December 2003 The New York Times dedicates to the Nonino family the Saturday Profile “A  ynamo and her Daughters turn leftovers to Gold”.


June 2014 Grappa Nonino is the icon of artisanal Grappa in “How It’s Made”, on Discovery  Channel.


February 2015 For the first time Grappa is shown in the London window of Harrods, the icon of luxury in the world. Grappa Nonino, beside the most precious distillates in the world, embodies Italian excellence.


September 2015 F. Paul Pacult, defined by Forbes magazine “America’s foremost expert on distilled spirits”, reconfirms, once more, Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Picolit the only grappa  resent in the list of the top world distillates, in the “HALL OF FAME” of the prestigious quarterly SPIRIT JOURNAL.


Nonino Grappa and ÚE® are distilled 100% with artisanal method from fresh raw materials in exclusive copper batch steam stills. Nonino Riserva follow a natural ageing process in small barrels under seal and permanent surveillance by the Customs and State Monopoly Agency, and are bottled without the addition of coloring additives.