Silicon Biosystems e Comitato Leonardo

2012 – Silicon Biosystems S.p.A.

Leonardo Start Up Special prize  

Silicon Biosystems was born from the PhD thesis of a young researcher in electronic engineering at Bologna University called Gianni Medoro. Silicon Biosystems has developed a highly innovative system in the field of diagnostics (DePArray) which allows cancer cells present in blood to be isolated, identified, manipulated and retrieved. The patented technology allows the patient to avoid having to undergo more intrusive medical procedures and the oncologist to make personalised strategic treatment which is more effective and has fewer side effects. Silicon Biosystems has benefited from a rapid growth, also thanks to risk capital loans, which today has enabled them to count on 28 active patents and a team of 33 employees, 23 of whom are researchers. Moreover, the company can also pride itself of its important presence in the international market, including amongst its clients the most prestigious oncologists in Germany, the UK and in the U.S.A. The company has also distinguished itself because of its highly innovative content and technology which is aimed at bettering the patients’ well-being. Furthermore, Silicon Biosystems has shown its ability to significantly contribute to oncological research and diagnostics, both on a national and international level.


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