Premio Leonardo Adolfo Guzzini

2017 – Adolfo Guzzini

Leonardo Prize Winners  

Born in Recanati on 12 February, 1941, Adolfo Guzzini introduced light as an instrument of social innovation, using it for perceptive restorations of masterpieces such as Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and was the first to make the public aware of the problem of light pollution. In 1965, Adolfo, the son of Mariano Guzzini, took over the lighting company founded four years earlier by his brothers in a garage in Recanati. Before long, he had turned the business upside down, creating the lighting technology industry in Italy in the process. Moreover, he worked towards the adoption of a new lighting culture, and the creation of a new category of professional technicians, trained and qualified to design lighting layouts. Through iGuzzini, he established an international organisation that currently spreads creativity, innovation and the “Made in Italy” brand all over the world, receiving design and innovation awards such as the Compasso d’Oro, as well as numerous other international recognitions. As a relentless promoter of a synergistic and collaborative business system, he participates actively in various industry associations, especially in his role as cofounder and President of AIFAI (now Assoluce), and the Urban Furnishings Group of Federlegno Arredo. Besides his advisory role at Cosmit (Organising Committee of the Italian Furniture Trade Fair), he holds positions at national level in Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry), in the Italian Association of Lighting, in the Association for Industrial Design, in the National Institute of Architecture, and in the Adriano Olivetti Institute.  In the 1980s, thirty years before any international lighting industry guidelines were published, he led iGuzzini to develop biodynamic lighting, establishing partnerships with the American University of Troy and the CNR (National Research Council). In 1998, he promoted the development of a historical archive for the Guzzini group’s companies, the first online historical archive in Italy containing assets of significant historical interest. In addition to creating synergy between companies, schools and universities, since 2001 he has lent his support to the Technical Institute of Recanati, seeing its membership grow from 350 to 800 over the period. Through the Recanatese Football Club and the Francesco Guzzini tennis school he is currently involved in promoting an innovative social development program through sport, aimed at young people. Cavaliere del Lavoro and Laurea Honoris Causa in International Economics, he was President of the National Council of Design from 2009 to 2011. In 2016, he was awarded the “Capo D’Orlando” scientific prize in the “Science and Industry” section. At present, in addition to the Presidency of iGuzzini and Fimag, he is also the President of INARCH (National Institute of Architecture) and Honorary President of ISTAO (Adriano Olivetti School of Business Studies).



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